GOLDEN MOON Maius-CX-F12A American Folding Shovel Camping Hiking Backpacking Entrenching Tool, Multifunctional Steel Spade with Pick

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  • Malfunction -- One tool to meet most of your needs. The sturdy locking mechanism allows folding shovel for various uses. The spade can be used 90° or 180° angle as a hoe, pick or shovel, to satisfy your different needs. Besides, with the serrated cutting edges on one side, the shovel can cut or slash like a saw.
  • Superb Quality -- Made of 1.5MM thickness high-carbon steel, the folding shovel is sturdy and durable.
  • Advanced Technology -- Heat treatment technology greatly improves the hardness and tenacity of steel of the shovel. As well, highlight treatment technology which adopts electrostatic spray process helps to keep the good surface finish of folding shovel.
  • Humanized Design--The triangular handle is strong and fits comfortably in your hands; the place where your foot put on is widened, to prevent slipping, both help to save time and strength.
  • Lightweight and Compact -- The tri-fold design make it most convenient to carry with a well-stitched fabric bag.

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