Tingyuan Driveway Markers with Reflective Tape 48 Inches Snow Stakes, Orange, Pack of 25

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  • Made of durable steel rod, coated with orange plastic, these markers are sturdy and have a long life span.
  • Clearly mark the edge of driveways, parking lots, and streets at night, bright reflection from a 360-degree point of view when the headlights hit the markers.
  • Keep cars and trucks off your grass, and other areas of your property. They can also keep your yard from being torn up by snow plow in winter.
  • With a sharpened point on one side, you can easily put these markers into the ground.
  • Dimension: 5/16-Inch Diameter x 48-Inch Length, orange coating, 12-inch length silver gray reflective tape.

Driveway markers to do at night

As markers for the end of the driveway, and as guides for backing in and out of the garage. 
Protect your curb and grass from running over by trash trucks, where the grass meets the street. 
As driveway markers on the ranch, safer for horses and cars, and can be pulled out when you mow instead of having to work around them.

Driveway markers to do for the snow season

Practical for plowing snow in the winter. 
Easily seen in the dark and high enough, line your driveway during the winter, wouldn't go off into your lawn with the snowblower.
Perfect for marking your drive if you need plows to know the boundaries also nice for visitors to see the edges of your drive.
Save your mailbox from the plow.


If the ground is warm and soft, it is simple to put markers into the ground. For hard or frozen ground, you need to use the install tool.